6th thermal spa in France. Double Orientations .

- Rheumathology - Phlebology,
- Dermatology and affections of the bucco-lingual mucous membranes

Rochefort thermal spa


Rochefort thermal water comes from the depths of the earth. It is a hot, ferruginous source whose therapeutic properties have been recognized as, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and healing.
The following conditions are treated: treatment of rheumatism, phlebology, dermatology, and affections of the bucco-lingual mucous membranes.

Concentrated fluvio-marine clays of algae and micro-organisms also come from the Charente estuary. UNIQUE and CLEAN in Rochefort. These clays added to the thermal water, makes it possible to form a hot mud full of active elements called Peloids.

Maximum sunshine and proximity to the ocean complete the recognized effectiveness of the spa treatment in Rochefort.

The Thermes de Rochefort obtained this AQUACERT Thermalism certification in March 2015.

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