Être chez soi, ailleurs

Prices and availability

The large studio "Le Bruzois" is rented as a furnished apartment on medium and / or long term.

The furnished lease is renewable for 1 year. It is intended for students or employees.


The monthly rental rate is € 495 including charges. (Water, Housing tax, Household waste tax). Electricity and Internet subscription is the responsibility of the tenant.


The heating mode is individual and electric. The result of the Electrical Performance Diagnosis classifies the apartment in E before installation of the inertial radiator.


The building will be connected to optical fiber in late 2020.


Currently this apartment is unavailable for rental. 1 year furnished lease, tacitly renewable from January 2020.

    GUERTONLOCATION Sarl - siège social : 11 rue des Forges - 35170 BRUZ                                                                                                                     N° SIRET : 843 980 509 000 15   

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